Emapanadas & the ​CREW, 

Just a few Culinary Gangsters  whipping up some fiery snacks
Guava Lava
An EXPLOSION of Crunchy bacon, gooey cheese, and sweet guava to blend it all in.
Rican Jerk
Shrimp with A Blast of sofrito, infused with Jerk seasoning, smutthered in cheese creating a pungent taste that would leave you asking for more.
Caribbean Influenced Gastronomy
Specializing in Gourmet Emapandas & finger licking snacks, Caribe Soul crew takes pride in bringing  caribbean spice to your plate one bite at a time.
Chz Burger
%100 Savoury  beef blended with a dash of sriracha & stringy cheese. Served with  our own chipotle mayo  that will knock you off your socks.
A family affair taking flight, Ezri & Hazel are stealing the scene with gourmet empanadas and small Caribbean bites that blast BIG flavors!  
  Caribe Soul llc made is debut summer,2016. Ezri took his creativity and invested time in creating unique empanadas, while managing  Caribe's kitchen. Hazel has masterminded all of the backstage work that has been shining a light over there success.  Together they are taking over  ELM CITY with hopes of expanding in the near future.